Nursing Services Training

Nurse Orientation Training

  • Basic Nursing Orientation (40 hours)
  • Self-Improvement Training
  • Unit-Specific Orientation
  • Adaptation of Clinical Areas

Compulsory Trainings

  • Training for Sedation Analgesia Application
  • Training for Basic Electrocardiography (Basic ECG)
  • Training for Advanced Electrocardiography (Advanced ECG)
  • Consultant Training on Breast Milk and Breastfeeding
  • Basic Level CPR
  • Advanced Level CPR
  • Hand Hygiene Training
  • NRP Training
  • Intensive Care Nursing Training
  • Chemotherapy Nursing Training
  • Emergency Care Nursing
  • Equipment Training
  • Consultant Training on Breast Milk and Breastfeeding
  • Executive Nursing Training
  • Anticoagulation Training

Assistant Healthcare Personnel Training

  • Assistant Healthcare Personnel Orientation Program (20 hours)
  • Information Update Training

Off-Site Compulsory Trainings

  • Ministry of Health Certificate Programs
  • Emergency Care Nursing
  • Neonate Intensive Care Nursing
  • Intensive Care Nursing